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  • The Books

    Author John Crowe uses the Iliad and Odyssey, Homer’s epics about the Trojan War, as the foundation for his research. But where is the battlefield of the Trojan War as described in the Iliad? Whether or not Troy existed, the Iliad does exist. And whether or not the Trojan War actually took place, Homer describes… Continue reading »

  • The Troy deception explained – for KLDAFS 16/01/2014

    1. The authorship of the Iliad. In 1713 the British philologist Richard Bentley was perhaps the first to claim that Homeric poetry originally consisted of loosely connected songs that were gathered together in an epic poem under the direction of the Athenian tyrant Pisistratos, [c546-527 BC] long after they were composed. In 1849-51, the great… Continue reading »

  • Critique of Dr Stephen Kershaw’s lecture ‘Troy: Myth, History and Archaeology’ 16/01/2014

    Critique of Dr Stephen Kershaw’s lecture to Kings Lynn DFAS ‘Troy: Myth, History and Archaeology’ 16th January 2014. P J Crowe - Tuesday 21 January 2014  Overall impression – a very well presented entertaining talk to a general audience, illustrated with some slides of ancient Greek ceramic art and early paintings, as well as some site… Continue reading »

  • The Luce Canon

    Comments on ‘Celebrating Homer’s landscapes – Troy and Ithaca revisited’ by Professor J V Luce (1998) Professor J V Luce in 1998 wrote a well argued and splendidly illustrated popular book describing Homer’s landscapes as he found them at Hisarlik and on Ithaki. He was well qualified for this task as he had taken many… Continue reading »

  • Welcome to The Troy Deception

    THE TROJAN BATTLEFIELD FOUND AT LAST! Author John Crowe uses Homer’s epics about the Trojan War, the Iliad and Odyssey, as the foundation for his research. Composed around 2,700 years ago, these provided the Western world with the foundations of their literature and education. They have had an enormous influence upon western culture. But where… Continue reading »

  • Events

    Tuesday, March 18th, 201418th March 2014 Talk on ‘The Troy deception’ to the West Norfolk & King’s Lynn Archaeological Society, at the Marriott’s Warehouse, South Quay, Kings Lynn starting at 7.30pm ——————————————————————- Tuesday, January 31st, 2014 Critique of Dr Stephen Kershaw’s lecture to Kings Lynn DFAS ‘Troy: Myth, History and Archaeology’ Read a John Crowe’s… Continue reading »

  • The Troy Deception Vol 2 – The Truth About Troy

    In this book John builds upon his discovery, described in Volume 1, of the plain of Troy in the lower valley of the Bakir Çayi. This valley lies in north-western Turkey to the east of the island of Lesbos, in a region known to the ancients as Mysia. At the head of this plain we… Continue reading »

  • The Troy Deception Vol 1 – Finding The Plain Of Troy

    To order a copy please email The way to solve a difficult problem, such as finding Troy, is to find the best way to approach it. Remember the old joke about the man lost in the Norfolk countryside. He finds a local and asks the way to Norwich. The local rubs his chin, thinks… Continue reading »