The Discovery

My studies effectively prove that the plain overlooked by ‘Troy’ cannot possibly have been the setting for the Trojan War as described in the Iliad. So the ancient walled fortress which once stood at Hisarlik cannot have been Homeric Troy.

First study an early map of Schliemann’s Troy and its surroundings.

NOTE especially:
a) Troy at Hisarlik is marked as TROIA.
b) The two rivers shown are here called by their Homeric names, the Scamander and the
Simoeis. They are known locally as the Mendere and the Dombrek Su.
c) The red dotted line at the river mouth shows the outline of Troy Bay some 3,000 years ago.
The shore line then was close to Troy.
d) The Greek camp is shown at the mouth of the river. Now we know of the existence of Troy
Bay, we know that the Greek Camp cannot have been here.
e) Since 1982 a new site for the Greek Camp has been proposed to the SW of Troy at Besik

With this map as a guide, the following short sections will help explain the new discoveries:

Ten reasons why Troy was not at Hisarlik

Can Troy be somewhere else?

The Troy Deception explained by Q & A